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RF-V28 GPS Tracking SOS Pendant

Product Show

  Real-time tracking
  Historical route playback
  SOS alarm & push-button calling
  Talking clock
  Fall alarm
  Vibrate on Ring for incoming call remind
  Two way audio communication
  Mute automatic answering calls for voice monitor
  Low battery & SIM card change reminders


Detailed introduction

  Positioning ways

  WIFI+GPS+LBS+AGPS, four positioning ways work at the same time.

  WIFI Fence:

  Set any WIFI area as the safty area. Once the animal or user moves out of this area,

  master will receive alert at once;

  Location check

  1. Download APP from either IOS or Andriod system, location will be displayed

  in google map after login;

  2. Send SMS (Text) command to get real time location link.

  Two way calls

  Press key 1 or key 2 , device makes a call to exact number you set in advance;

  Press SOS button to call all 5 numbers set in white list one by one twice, till answered.

  Fall alarm

  When worn rightly and a fall happens, the device will trigger SOS alarm mode itself.

  Historical route playback

  Check any single day's historical route in the latest 90 days.


  Send alert to master number once device moves out pre-set safty area.

  Mute answer calls

  Automatically get through incoming call without ringing and no need press any button.

  Talking clock

  Press Power button shortly, current time will be read out.

  Standby time

  By setting different “interval time”, device’s standby time can be 7-10 days.

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