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out of production RF-V10 Vehicle Tracker Motorcycles anti-theft system SMS/GPRS GSM Removing Vibration alarm Real time Smart Trakced

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RF-V10 description:
this product could tell motorcycle owner the position of motorcycle
this product could tell motorcycle owner whether someone is stealing motorcycle
motorcycle owner could know the abnormal sound of surroundings
if a theft is stealing motorcycle, RF-V10’s alarm will ring over 125db to threat theft and lock motorcycle’s engine so that theft couldn’t drive the motorcycle.
the remote could start motorcycle

Detailed introduction

RF-V10 Functions description:
1, motorcycle alarm and RF-V10 will ring at the same time, cellphone could monitor motorcycle’s situation at any time.
2, tracking via SMS message, just a message send from the master-control number to RF-V10 then the master-control number will receive the information about motorcycle
3, login online platform could check detail map information and tracking at anytime
4, when the destruction of electric door locks, illegal and lines, short motorcycle alarm will control the motorcycle, the vehicle will not start
5, battery voltage range: 12V±3V
Anti-theft method:
Carried away or dismantle parts: the vibration sensor and sound sensor of RF-V10 sensed moving, RF-V10 will send message or dial the master-control number immediately. Timely action for Theft prevention when in progress is the best.
Carried away or drive away:
electric door lock sensor system of RF-V10 detect illegal inside the ignition, RF-V10 will send message or dial to the master-control number. GPS real-time tracker & alarm protect you from emergency immediately.
Cut line or power off:
line protection system of RF-V10 detect disconnection or power off, RF-V10 will send message or dial to the master-control number.
Thief check out the location before stealing: RF-V10 has built-in smart monitoring system, motorcycle owner could monitor the surrounding sound of motorcycle, setting sound monitoring anti-theft, audible alarm immediately.
Motorcycle has been stolen:
RF-V10’s GPS function will helps owner found motorcycle. Track anytime and anywhere.
You could set eco-fence on the map page on the inquiry platform, designate an device-centric area on the map, when the device beyond the fence, V9 will send alerts to the mobile phone number.
Inquiry platform:  
REACHFAR’s RF-V6 offers a variety of platforms query, inquiry platform www.gps123.org support for multiple location query: wechat, APP, SMS message, website etc.
Low battery charge alert: when the battery life is less than 10%, the tracker will send SMS message to the master-control phone number: Less than 10% of battery. Please charge the device immediately.
Trace replay:
owner could inquiry motorcycle’s trace via binding phone number, wechat, platform.

RF-10 Parameters:
Brand: ReachFar
Model: RF-V10
GSM network: quad-band, universal
Standby time: 12days
Vibration sensor alarm: yes
Sound sensor alarm: yes
Built-in battery: yes
Low battery charge alert: yes
Displacement alert: yes
Remote listening: yes 
RF-V10 specifications:
GSM network: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Host size (main host): 65*65*20mm
Host size (auxiliary host): 45*35*13.5mm
Packaging size: 230*150*50mm
Package weight: 340g
Colors: black
RF-V10 Use condition:
1, battery voltage range: 12V±3V
2, use under normal supply voltage conditions, when battery is out of charge and the fuse has blown and the regulator cannot work, under this condition, RF-V10 may not work normally.
3, battery voltage shortage will affect the remote start function
4, please installed GSM host in a good position signal
RF-V10 Packing list:
1* Lock & alarm host
1* GSM alarm host    GSM network: 850/900/1800/1900
1* speaker
2* remote
1* Special wiring
1* user
Typical case:
Case 1
Miss Li stopped her motorcycle near the door, then she go to market and buy food, suddenly, she received a message from RF-V10, motorcycle is moving, please check ring now. then she found her motorcycle was almost been stolen.

Case 2
Mr. Wang parked his motorcycle near his house after he came back from work, when he was eating, he received a message from RF-V10, he checked right away, a thief is stealing his motorcycle, he stopped the thief immediately.

Case 3
Mr. Zeng is eating outside then suddenly he received a message from RF-V10: communicator is out of charge, please check immediately. A thief is stealing his motorcycle, he yelled out “catch thief”, the thief ran away in no time.

Case 4
Miss Zhao: one day when she got up then found her motorcycle was stolen, but her cellphone is out of charge so she didn’t received alarm message from RF-V10. Thanks to RR-V10, she finally found her motorcycle.

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