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out of production RF-V11 Quad Band Mini GSM Independent Door Magnetic and Vibration Alarm With Active Listening Vibration Alarm

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RF-V11 consists of military quality GSM modules, with a vibration sensor alarm and voice sensor alarm and GSM assisted remote location tracking functions etc. Installed in homes, companies and factories or cars, when the warehouse sound, the door is opened, it will inform you immediately once viewed, any time any distance around the clock to protect life and property safety of your family. This product is compact, clear voice, long time standby, simple operation, stable performance, without having to install, ready-to-use, remote control and other characteristics, widely used.


Detailed introduction

RF-V11 Description :

Function: Remote control magnetic door alarm for guarding against thefts
Voice sensor:
- Send GDM1 start voice control, when sound around, the product will call your mobile
- Send GDM2 stop the voice control
- Send SJ** set voice control call back interval
Magnetic sensor:
- Send GDM5 start magnetic sensor control, when the door was opened or closed, the product will sent SMS to you and call your mobile
- Send GDM6 stop magnetic sensor control
GPS function:
- Send LBS inquire current position
Remote battery check:
You can send GDM3 inquire electric quantity
Low battery remind
Change language:
- Send LAG2 to change language
Secure your doors, windows, and valuables Compact design, no wiring required

Anti-theft method:
Thief broken and open the door: when RF-11’s pitch sensor system detected more than 3cm between the door and the doorframe, RF-V11 will send alarm message and dial to the binding phone number immediately. Anti-theft in no time, protect your property.
Thief sawed shop shutter doors U-shaped lock: when the sound sensor of RF-V11 detected sound of the door surroundings is loud or shock, RF-V11 will send alarm message and dial to the binding phone number immediately. Anti-theft in no time, protect your property.
Alarm’s line has been cut off or out of charge: RF-V11 is without having to install so it will not be cut off line by thief.
Thief check out the location before stealing: RF-V11 has smart monitoring system, householder could monitor sound of the house.
Take strongbox away: RF-V11 consist of smart GPS, even if the strongbox was stolen, because of the GPS, strongbox can easily be found of. RF-V11 will let householder know strongbox’s situations at any time and any where.

RF-V6 Specifications:
GSM network: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Host size: 45*34*14mm
Packaging size: 138*118*46mm
Host weight: 29g
Package weight: 177g
Colors: Silver
RF-V11 Parameters:
Brand: ReachFar
Model: RF-V11
GSM network: quad-band, universal
Standby time: 12days
Vibration sensor alarm: yes
Sound sensor alarm: yes
Built-in battery: yes
Low battery charge alert: yes
Displacement alert: yes
Remote listening: yes
RF-V11 Main functions :
1, GSM quad-band + GPS location
2, open/close door, RF-V11 will send message or dial to the binding phone number
3, door alarm
4, sound sensor alarm
5, Quiet care
6, check battery charge in distance
7, Low battery charge alert

1 x Magnet bos
1 x Charger
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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