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RF-V8 personal GPS Tracker support App/Android app vibration sensor anti-theft Remote listening function Trace replay

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RF-V8 covered burglar alarm, positioning, SOS functions.Timely action for Theft prevention when in progress
Anti-theft and track your track choose RF-V8 for property your protection, it’s the best!

Detailed introduction

RF-V8 Description:
Super mini GPS device
size40*34*15mm weight :only 24g
With lanyard, battery inside, longtime standby and free installation
Positioning fast & accurate
GPS chip: GPS SiRf Star IV
Positioning accuracy: 5-15meters (under the open sky)
Positioning speed: 30sec cold boot positioning
Powerful platform application
Website platform www.gps123.org, APP tracking, wechat tracking, SMS tracking
Positioning tracking in all domains
Tracking as you will!
Burglar-proof function
The sole mini GPS device with anti-theft alarm in the world
With vibrating sensor & sound sensor burglar alarm inside
Real-time monitoring the safety of car & property, guard property from violation
There are 4 levels of sensitivity for various properties’safety
Level 1 is the most sensitive, alarm would ring while the car be beat.
Level 2, alarm would ring while the device sense twice beating in two minutes.
Level 3,  alarm would ring while the device sense five-times beating in five minutes.
Level 4, alarm would ring while the device been moved 10 meters per sec.
Users could select various lever of sensitive according to various situations.
Noise sense alert:
Alarm would ring, when the device monitor the sound of surroundings over 45Db. This device apply to warehouse & valuable property.
Remote listening function
With high acoustic fidelity, all the situations of your car and property controlled by you at anytime
Longtime standby
Battery with high capacitance, standby time could be 12days!
Low battery charge alert
When the battery life is less than 10%, the tracker will send SMS message to the master-control phone number
with 10% battery life, the standby time is 2 hours, you could make a call within 2 minutes.
SIM-changing alert
When the SIM card is changed the tracker will send SMS message to the master-control phone number
RF-V8 specifications:
GSM network: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS standard: Class 12, TCP/IP
GPS locating time:
ü30sec with cold boot(under the open sky)
ü29sec with warm boot(under the open sky)
5sec with hot boot (under the open sky)
GPS Positioning accuracy: 10-15m
Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃
Working humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH
Host size: 40(length)x34(width) x14(height)mm
Host weight: 24g
RF-V8 Packing:
1* Host
1* Wall charger
1* USB cable
1* User manual

Typical case:
Case 1:
Last Spring Festival holiday,Mr huang take a lot presents to visit relatives. On the way he stopped the car on the side of the road to have a meal in a nearby restraunt.But a short time late,he found his presents in the car was stolen.What make him shocked is that his lV bag was stolen when he opened the trunk,ID card and many thousand cash lost.Mr huang call the police,then the thief is arrest,but theproperty which he lost is not much left.Through the lesson ,he increase antitheft awareness, and bought a RF-V8 device under his friend suggestion.Lately ,his mobile received a vibration alarm message of car when he have dinner with friends.They run to the car and saw a thief levering the trunk.They call the police and subdue the thief.Minutes late, police came and arrested the thief. Police praise him smart to think of the unique skill to catch the thief.

Case 2:
Not long agao, Mrs zhang drive her daughter to shcool,she parked the car on the side of the road about 100m from shcool because of the crowding road.Then she sent his daughter to school in hurry, and left the wallet and mobile phone in car.just this a few minutes,it's an opportunity for criminals.The thief is clever and know use the high-tech to commit a crime.The thief use their "radio jammer" to issue the shielding remote signal to make the car can't lock,when Mrs zhang press the remote control key. After she back ,she found her car is missing.She call the police at once ,poice locked the position of the car and arrest the thief after  hours chase.Mrs zhang said it's luck to put a RF-V8 gps tracker or she can't get back her love car.

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